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Awning stores. Painted shade

Awning Stores

awning stores

William Minister Store Building (1875)

William Minister Store Building (1875)

This corner structure, clipped to provide and angled entrance, is remarkable for its iron awning that extends more than four feet over the sidewalk--one of only two such corner store buildings that survive in the borough. It was built in 1875 by William Minister (1852-1890) for use as a grocery and provisions establishment. Minister died young, and though the store was sold after his death, his father's widow, Edith White Minster, continued to live in the building until her death in 1909. The awning, it must be noted, is exceptional for its cast-iron scroll decorations.

Awning Store 6

Awning Store 6

2 December 2006

Yet another Zwarte Piet window display. Here, Piet does a handstand.

This was at an awning store in Den Haag which was infested with more Zwarte Piets in one place than I'd ever before encountered.

awning stores

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