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Canvas awnings melbourne : Shades hair product.

Canvas Awnings Melbourne

canvas awnings melbourne

A Taste Of Honey..

A Taste Of Honey..

"Tasting much sweeter than wine..." - lyrics from the Beatles song - honey by bees, cleverness and intelligence exercised by this mother Sumatran Orangutan!

It was fascinating to watch a number of Melb Zoo's Sumatran Orangutans use these tools with wonderful dexterity to extract the honey.

Unfortunately from a photography point, the canvas awning made photography difficult. Also the many young human children and some very pushy and rude parents would push in and just stand right in front of the glass windows, further blocking the view.

One great ape acts with great dignity and another species is very selfish....

Once widespread throughout the forests of Asia, orang-utans are now confined to just two islands, Sumatra and Borneo. There are two genetically distinct species: the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) and the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). The two species show slightly different physical characteristics. Sumatran orangutans have lighter hair and a longer beard than their Bornean relatives, and Sumatran males have narrower cheekpads. Both species are highly endangered due to habitat loss and poaching.
The orangutan is one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, sharing 96.4% of our DNA. Indigenous peoples of Indonesia and Malaysia call this ape "Orang Hutan" which literally translates as "Person of the Forest".

The main threat to the Orangutan is habitat loss, as rainforest is cut down for timber logging or cleared for human settlement.
Because of increased availability, the diet of Sumatran orang-utans has a higher percentage of pulpy fruit and figs compared to that of Bornean orang-utans.
Orangutans breed more slowly than any other primate, with the female producing a baby on average only once every 7-8 years. Infants are dependent on their mothers for at least five years, learning about survival in the forest. Orangutans live for around 45 years in the wild, and a female will usually have no more than 3 offspring in her lifetime. This means that orangutan populations grow very slowly, and take a long time to recover from habitat disturbance and hunting.Melbourne Zoo has set up a forest of poles for the orangutans and gibbons to use, simulating a real wooded forest. This sort of forest has been pioneered for use in Sumatra in special reserves set up as rehabilitation centres for injured, sick or orphaned orang-utans to build up survival skills before being released back into the wild.
Royal Melbourne Zoo, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

Art Deco Villa of Clinker Brick - Thornbury

Art Deco Villa of Clinker Brick - Thornbury

With ominous clouds behind, this pretty stylised clinker brick Art Deco villa with its matching brick wall in the Melbourne suburb of Thornbury basks in a moment of sunshine.

Standing proudly on the corner of an intersection of a busy thoroughfare and a side street, its white wrought iron Art Deco gate encourages you to walk up the garden path hedged by lush green connifers to the front door.

The low slung roof, little etched glass vestibule window, rounded edging of each wall and the "waterfall windows" (complete with their original flounced curtains that look like a cascading waterfall) all pay homage to the chic, uncluttered lines of Australian Art Deco architecture in the late 30s, just before the Second World War. This house also features blue and white awnings to shade the windows on hot days, which neatly hide up beneath the eaves of the house. One has not been wound in properly and gives the secret away. Most ingenious!

canvas awnings melbourne

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