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Soft Truck Canopy

soft truck canopy

soft truck canopy - Little Tikes

Little Tikes Deluxe Cozy Convertible Car

Little Tikes Deluxe Cozy Convertible Car

America's favorite foot-powered car brand comes into the electronic age with a "high tech" dashboard that makes five electronic sounds. A retractable canopy helps keep the "driver" cool as he tools around town. Plus, a removable floorboard and adjustable four-position handle allow this sporty convertible to grow along with the child from toddler to preschool.
Stage One: With the floorboard in place, an adult pushes the car with the handle. Stage Two: When the toddler can use foot power, the floorboard is removed and an adult guides with the handle. Stage Three: The handle is removed when the older toddler can steer. Inside features include a gearshift, clicking key, cup holder and storage behind the seat. (Stuffed toys not included.) Body comes in a special gloss finish. Requires 2 "AAA" alkaline batteries (not included). Measures approximately 33" x 21" x 20".

If you cross a red car with a plastic boat and combine the result with one of those big Victorian baby carriages, you get this entirely novel mode of tot transportation. This little car--32 inches long by 18 inches wide, and riding on 7-inch plastic wheels--has an integral plastic seat 9 inches off the ground and can be powered by two little feet through the hole in the floor. Alternatively, raise the bandshell-style yellow nylon hood and push your preschooler around using the 38-inch-high metal handle that sticks up from behind. The "cockpit" is fully equipped with steering wheel, beeping "horn," an ignition key that turns, a gear shift, and various battery-powered sound effects. Adult assembly is required. --Richard Farr

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Wife loves the slickrock portions

Wife loves the slickrock portions

There was lot of "soft sand" hiking along the canyon bottom of Grand Gulch and the benches, where paths shortcut the natural bends of the canyon. But there were also sections like this with pavement hard slickrock that made hiking in the cool morning air an

Wife is hiking down Grand Gulch in this photo as we make our way back out of the canyon and back to our truck after a comfortable star filled sky night, camping in Grand Gulch.

This was an easy backpacking trip. Only the very short pitch up and down the rim of Grand Gulch gave us a chance to really "test" the merits of our new lightweight internal frame packs.

We had a lot of fun together on this little excursion and there is nothing like sleeping beneath the desert stars in a mile high slickrock canyon, with somebody you love. Fun!


4. Thursday 21st of April 2011
This was a test run for some new lightweight internal frame backpacks, my wife and I had purchased for this trip. After 40 years of using our comfortable, easy to access, Kelty Tioga external frame backpacks, we decided that for “off trail” canyon hiking, that some new light internal frame backpacks might be better suited (and besides I had a 20% off coupon and my 2010 REI refund dividend burning a hole in my jeans pocket at the time).

So I bought an REI Flash 65 and the Flash 50 for my wife. Not only would these work better for the overhangs encountered with off trail canyon hiking, but they stored in our pickup truck almost flat, when not in use.

To get to right to the point: We both LOVED these new packs. I still think we will use our external frames on most occasions when we are hiking a well established trail and balance and narrow low profile is not a consideration. But when we want to go light and have any plans for off trail backpacking, the new internals are here to stay.

You really need four wheel drive and high clearance to get all the way down to the stock pond trailhead for the Government Trail into Grand Gulch. Our old 1994 Toyota pickup truck with high clearance, low and high range “shift on the fly” four wheel drive, and adequate skid plates underneath, was just the ticket. We ended up parking next to a ranger’s pickup truck.

The Government Trail is easy hiking. It is an old Jeep trail so we could hike side by side for the 2.5 miles or so from the stock pond to the Grand Gulch canyon rim. The next half mile is steep in places and there are a couple of overhangs if you happen to have a high backpack. We had no trouble at all getting on down to the bottom of the Grand Gulch canyon. At a leisurely pace it took us an hour from trailhead to rim and half hour from rim to canyon bottom at Grand Gulch.

We hiked up Grand Gulch and took several “side hikes”, the most fun being to the “Big Man” pictograph panel. The stars of the panel are actually a Big Man (with modest male features) and a Big Woman. So why they don’t call it the Big COUPLE panel, I don’t know. Left over and hard to extinguish male chauvinism I guess.

We met a lot of nice people on this road trip and at the bottom of Grand Gulch we met a fit couple with two energetic young girls, camped near the mouth of Polly Canyon. The wife was preparing camp meals (toasted fajitas), that to us, seemed gourmet and outstanding camp cuisine. The next day the man would turn up as our hero of the road trip as the “Good Samaritan”.

Though the weather was good (nice temperatures and no rain), wind gusts hit pretty hard throughout the afternoon and into the evening. We were lucky that the “nice family” told us about an out of the wind camping location under a big bent cottonwood tree. The camping site was perfect for us.

We slept with the rain fly off of our REI Quarter Dome T-3 tent that night and enjoyed watching the big dipper, shooting stars, and a bright moon through the mesh canopy of the tent that night. We really slept well.

5. Friday 22nd of April 2011
We ate breakfast and watched the morning sun illuminate the sandstone canyon walls around us. The wind was gone and it was a perfect day. We took our time hiking down Grand Gulch and then back up to the rim of the canyon. Here we found a lady lying down under a juniper tree and her husband with a large backpack sitting on the slick rock. During our discussion we were told that she had badly sprained her ankle down in Grand Gulch (her husband didn’t tell us how long ago), but they had obviously made it to the rim together, leaving only the easy 2.5 mile “Jeep” road section to hike to the trailhead.

I asked the husband if they had a vehicle at the trailhead or had they had to park up the road above the four wheel drive section. He said they were at the trailhead. He showed no signs of needing our help so we continued on hiking toward our truck. Along the way we passed three backpackers, heading down government trail, and then along came the “Good Samaritan”, without any pack at all hiking down towards us.

The Wishing Tree - please read poem below

The Wishing Tree - please read poem below

The Wishing Tree

On a sunny day as I walk through the woods down a windy path with both side covered in bushes and small trees with birds singing I stumble across a small opening.

As I enter I push my way through the thick brambles yet without being marked. I could see signs that people have once been before me,

Once clear of the brambles I found myself in a wide opening surrounded by bushes, with the only way in being the path I just walked.

In the centre stood this big wide tree, with leaves of golden yellow green, something like I had never seen. For a few seconds it took my breath away as I stood alone just looking at its beauty, its shape and the lush of life.

Its firm solid trunk and roots held tight as the canopy of golden green seemed to shimmer in the sun light.

Why was this tree hidden and out of sight,
Did I find it by chance, or was it meant to be,
To find that little hidden path to the wishing tree.

As I walked closer I could see soft moss grass beneath its truck like a soft cushion.
As I sat it felt like many had sat before the way the soft moss formed around me and when I rested my back against the trunk it was not hard it was smooth soft and like a chair.

I felt the soft grass with my hand and could see formations hand prints compressed in the moss.

As I sat I noticed how peaceful it had become it was so silent I opened my heart, my eyes, my mind and soul to the wishing tree.

Then with one hand on my heart and the other on the trees roots covered in moss it seemed like the canopy of leaves moved, letting the sunlight through onto my body warming my very soul.

At that moment I felt so relaxed and happy inside I made my wish.

When I lifted my hand from the roots the very place the tree draws its life from, I could see my hand print. Yet when I looked again for the others that where there before I could not find them.

It was if it was a sign for each person who finds the whishing tree to do this.

What did I feel?

I felt the energy of life itself; how wonderful it was to be greeted with such warmth it started warm through my fingers then ran through my body making the hairs on my body move.
It felt like I was receiving all, yet at the same time giving all.
I felt so alive and aware of the moment I wanted to send this feeling out into the world.

After what seemed like 10 minutes I notice that I had actually been there for nearly an hour just lost in time and thought sitting at the wishing tree.

I then seemed to know it was time to go

As I stood I looked around again and found my path the small opening in the bushes, just before I made my way back through I turned and looked at the tree and smiled and said thank you.

I again pushed aside the bracken to find my way out to the main path. When I reached it I noticed the sounds of nature were very clear birds singing again.
Not like the silence when at the tree.

I stood back to look to see if I could see the tree from the path but no nothing could be seen not even the tall canopy of golden green.

I then looked for the opening again to go back and see for a second time
But this time I could not find it.
Its was not shown to me.

In my mind I thought was this how it’s meant to be
If you find opening you get to make but one wish at the whishing tree.

In my heart I felt this was so true, I am glade I made my wish
And now hope it will come true.

So if one day you take a walk down a winding path and stumble across a small opening follow it and see you never know what you may find or see
You could be lucky and find

The whishing tree

soft truck canopy

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